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Industrial furnaces for various purposes such as smelting, metallurgy and experiments
Kumagawa produced have been contributing to create somethong new and valuable for society,
especially for infrastructures.
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Bogie type Heat treating furnace :
5~150ton/batch, You can select a heat source among gas,

oil or electricity.
The newest energy-saving control scheme realizes highly

precise temperature distribution. 。

Roller Hearth type Tempering furnace :
There is little thermal diffusion and thermal control is easy.
All heat treatment is suited irrespective of atmosphere,

such as heating, tempering, hardening, and annealing.

Pusher type Temperating furnace :
By using the tray or busket, what has difficult conveyance

and small products can be processed stably.

This is trouble free and easy maintenance.
You can apply all heat treatment such as heating, tempering

hardening and annealing.

Electrical Heating furnace :

It is suitable for processing of preheating, distortion picking,

etc. for the wide variety of products in smaller lots.

The structure in which ceiling removal is possible.

Continuous Carburizing furnace:

suits as heat treatment by pusher or a walking beam type

for continuous system for heating, annealing, sintering,

and an object for calcination.

Bell type Annealing Furnace :

Furnace is shaped like a bell and the material to be
heat-treated will be in the muffle and is heated by
a radiant heat.
So as to prevent from oxidizing, inside muffle is to be
filled with circulating nitrozen gas.


Alminium Melting furnace:

It provides the tower charging device and holding chamber

with an efficient burner arrangement.
The amounts of dissolutions are 500 kg - 2000 kg.



The burner layout of burnout chamber for sintering furnace

has been well considered for the smooth exhaustion.

Gas-powered Pre-heating furnace for the ladle.

It has been structured for the better pre-heating and

ladle capacity. The fuel can be selectable for either gas or

oil. We can design for the better energy-saving by the

adoption of oxygen burner.

Pre-process of sintering machine.

Control is easy.

Catenary type:It treated by the continuous annealing or

tempering for the thin boards etc.

Cleaning device by continuous type and batch type.

You can expect the shorter operation by the showering

and dipping procedures.

Maintenance & Others

Industrial furnaces

Incinerator Plant(Repair、Inspection、Cleanings)

Guidance for measuring of exhaust gas